Finally, This Leggings Trend Is Dead

Ah, leggings. For the past few years, the stretchy trousers have dominated Kim Kardashian‘s wardrobe and have even taken over sales of jeans. While we’ve loved black, stirrup, and cropped leggings, there’s one type that has just taken a dive in popularity and another that’s on its way up. According to retail analysts at Edited, traditional shops have upped their stock of plain-coloured and block-coloured leggings with a 29% increase at the end of 2017, in preparation for the upsurge in 2018. And if you’re thinking that the athleisure trend is about to die, think again. Edited also revealed that activewear saw a 136% increase from 2016 to 2017, with predictions it’s going to continue to grow. So, while you can jump on Kim K’s sheer trend and stick to your favourite black leggingswe suggest you keep scrolling to see the best leggings to buy now and update your leggings wardrobe…

Finally, This Leggings Trend Is Dead finally-this-leggings-trend-is-dead

Finally, This Leggings Trend Is Dead 1518164588_49_finally-this-leggings-trend-is-dead
Great for working out, great for brunch. 
Finally, This Leggings Trend Is Dead 1518164589_168_finally-this-leggings-trend-is-dead
We could imagine wearing these with a blazer. 
Finally, This Leggings Trend Is Dead 1518164589_978_finally-this-leggings-trend-is-dead
Block-coloured leggings are also set to be really popular. Invest in a pair from cool brand P.E.Nation.
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Leggings don’t have to cost much–try Forever 21 for a pair of black and grey versions.
Finally, This Leggings Trend Is Dead 1518164590_960_finally-this-leggings-trend-is-dead
Purple is one of the biggest colours of 2018 so you get to hit two trends in one.  Now you’re ready to work out look chic at the same time. 

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