If You Catch Me in UGG Boots All Winter, It's Because Rihanna Is Making Them Cool Again

If you’re still wondering if UGGs are socially acceptable again, Rihanna continues to provide answers. After previously wearing the nostalgic brand’s classic chestnut boots at New York’s JFK Airport in February 2018, the singer and entrepreneur was recently spotted wearing the same exact pair – at the same airport, no less! Rihanna paired the cozy-as-hell boots with oversize everything – sunglasses, coat, hoodie, and Dior tote bag.

Though UGG hasn’t been able to attain the same ubiquity it experienced in the ’00s, celebrities including Zendaya and Selena Gomez have embraced the brand again. An insane thigh-high iteration of UGG boots even appeared on the runway last year as part of a
collaboration between the brand and Y/Project. So, if they’re good enough for the runway and Rihanna . . .

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