The Burberry Show Gave Us Lots to Unpack, But First, Let's Talk About Those Shoes

When Riccardo Tisci joined Burberry, it ushered in a new era for the label with a brand new logo and a more modern outlook. Gone are the acoustic music and light, airy show spaces of Christopher Bailey’s time at the heritage brand, replaced with something darker and more mysterious, with a soundtrack as varied as the collection. This is Burberry for a modern generation, but it’s perhaps interesting that Tisci has chosen to ditch Burberry’s most forward-thinking concepts: that of the see now, buy now runway. Instead, the London-based label has returned to the more traditional approach of showing a season ahead. The collection shown during London Fashion Week in February was the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, and while some key items will sale early (notably the new Title bag, which is available via Instagram for 24 hours) for the rest, we’ll have to wait.

And what a wait it’ll be, as there was a lot here to love. From the Tisci’s twists on Burberry classics like the trench coat, to the more youthful items that opened the show (including polo shirts, oversize quilting, and creepers) there was a distinct ’90s vibe, and the soundtrack referenced the rave scene and the British electronic band the KLF. As ever, outerwear and accessories will be the first to catch your eye: the bejeweled shoes are going right to the top of our wishlist, and you’ll understand why as soon as you see them for yourself, ahead.

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