10 Tips For Planning the Most Stylish Disney Outfits of Your Life

I’ve been going to Disney World twice a year, at the very least, since I was born. Rather than travel from country to country, my parents have always preferred to travel from Disney hotel to Disney hotel. When you’re with my family, you have to clarify whether you’re referencing actual Japan or Japan in Epcot. Of course, this doesn’t make me feel as cultured as I know I could be, and while I’m now attempting to accrue more stamps in my passport, I also understand why Disney has remained so significant in my life.

I love everything about planning a trip to good ol’ Orlando, FL, including packing my suitcase. I’m a fashion editor, so if you think I’m not strategically planning out my outfits, you’ve obviously gone as mad as The Mad Hatter. Here’s me and my younger sister in Disney years ago, and do you see that look on my face? That’s the look of a very pleased little ’90s princess who remembered to put on her stretch choker.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve collected some really good bomber jackets, biker shorts, and hoodies that help me profess my love for Disney. Most of them even happen to be indicative of my favorite characters. I don’t only wear them when I’m running around Magic Kingdom but also to the POPSUGAR office, the grocery store, and dinner with friends. I’m not embarrassed by my Disney obsession; I own it in the chicest, most elevated way I possibly can.

I keep my ears open for major collaborations (my favorite to date is Disney x Levi’s – how iconic is that combo?!), and I spend my money on accessories that may not even be official park merch but are totally worth it. I’ll do anything to amplify my Disneygrams, and I’m willing to share my magical styling tips with you along with my current must-haves list, in exchange for your FastPass to Pandora World’s Avatar Flight of Passage . . . just kidding.

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