This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug

I live for a beauty insider secret or an under-the-radar product recommendation, so when I heard rumours of a face primer that retailers couldn’t keep on the shelves, I was intrigued. Finding out that it was just £15 was the icing on the cake.

The product in question is the Flower Beauty Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir Primer—a multitasking formula that hydrates, smooths and primes your skin for makeup while imparting a soft glow. Oh, and it’s the beauty brainchild of my personal ’90s style icon Drew Barrymore.

Keep reading to find out just what makes this sell-out product so good and to shop some other amazing face primers—without the waiting list.

This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347588_168_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347589_258_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347589_979_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
A new launch from my favourite French pharmacy brand, this primer works to blur over the five visible signs of a busy millennial life: fatigue, dullness, imperfections, shine and early signs of ageing. It contains silica powders that give it a nice application, and it definitely minimised the amount of foundation that I wanted to apply afterwards.
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347589_572_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
Although this is coined as a mattifying primer, I’ve found that the universally flattering pink-tinted formula is incredibly brightening. Yes, it does give any makeup applied on top some major staying power but without looking heavy in the slightest.
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347589_429_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
On days where I want a really noticeable glow, I’ll reach for this primer from Charlotte Tilbury. Much like the Flower Beauty primer, you can use this both under and over your foundation depending on how much radiance you’re after. I like this dabbed onto the tops of cheekbones for sheeny, everyday highlight.
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347589_97_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
This one is a new discovery for me, but I’ve used it every single day since I got it a week ago. It looks kind of glittery in the bottle, but once applied to the skin, it does an amazing job of just making your complexion look healthy. It evens out redness, brightens and gives a kind of rested, holiday glow to your skin. On weekends, I like wearing this alone, as it provides just a hint of coverage. Oh, and it smells beautiful—like a freshly cut bouquet of roses.
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347589_737_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
Yes, it’s lilac, but trust me on this one if you haven’t tried it before. Purple-toned products do a brilliant job of counteracting any sallowness in our skin. So if you’re feeling tired, then this is a great primer to reach for. Once applied, it sinks straight in (so you won’t be left looking like a plum). This’ll make your skin look immediately more energised and awake.
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347589_497_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
Fun beauty fact for you: It was actually Laura Mercier who introduced the first foundation primer to the industry. (Thanks, Laura.) This radiance version of her original formula is the primer that I reach for most consistently. It does a great job of improving the longevity of my makeup without compromising on brightness. I trust it so much that it was the primer that I used on my wedding day.
This £15 Face Primer Keeps Selling Out at Superdrug 1553347590_490_this-15-face-primer-keeps-selling-out-at-superdrug
Probably most known for its cult Glow Tonic, Pixi is one of my go-to brands for both skincare and makeup. This primer contains willow bark and salicylic acid to control shine and clear pores (great for combination to oily skin types) as well as pearl extracts to add luminosity. A healthy dose of shea butter means that this feels like a really comfortable moisturiser rather than another layer of makeup, which I really love.

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