I Can't Wait to Shop These 13 New Brands This Summer

For some truly enriching additions to my wardrobe, I look to Instagram to discover new, small brands making pieces with love. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I’m a romantic when it comes to my clothes, and the process of supporting independent designers from all corners of the world perfectly feeds into that. To me, there’s nothing better than receiving a new piece in the mail (usually wrapped with care and a note from the designer) directly from the person who made it. I develop a crush on something in my feed, save up a little bit and exercise some patience, and the result is a long-term love affair when it finally arrives.

I Can't Wait to Shop These 13 New Brands This Summer i-cant-wait-to-shop-these-13-new-brands-this-summer
Nothing thrills me more than to tempt others into this shopping style, introducing my real-life and digital friends (I’m including you in this group now) to new designers, forming little communities around the brands we love. Brands launching today have no choice but to address sustainable and inclusive practices as they grow (yay!), and it’s fabulous to see the response to that is exciting, well-crafted and absolutely gorgeous pieces. These brands are finding the fun in fundamental industry changes, and I am ever grateful for it. This summer is looking to be an exciting one for that reason. I’ve already found some awesomely creative new brands, each imbuing their pieces with their stories and their passion for what they make. Keep scrolling to discover them all—and don’t forget to share the love.

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