Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics

Today I’ll be rounding up some of my favourite pieces of late but with more of a personal spin than your usual shopping story because it focuses on what I’m actually wearing in real life—not just eyeing up on the internet. This time I’m focusing on the items in my wardrobe that I use more than anything else: my basics.

Despite loving a statement piece here and there, I describe my day-to-day style as simple, so you can imagine how seriously I take my essentials like T-shirts, jeans, sandals, and more. Are you ready to learn what made the cut? Just keep scrolling to shop my absolute favourite basics of all time.

Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
Whether it’s to work, for nights out, or travelling, I rarely go more than a couple of days without wearing this black denim jacket.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167605_52_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
If you’re looking for the perfect, polished black blazer that’s interesting but not overly trendy, this is it. 
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
I invested in this biker jacket a few years ago, and I’m so happy I did. It gets better with time as I wear it more and more, and I always have a million uses for it.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167611_929_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
At 5’2″, anything cropped is pretty much normal length on me, and this sweatshirt from Cotton Citizen is the perfect everyday jumper. 
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167613_426_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
If you’re looking for a super-simple, affordable white T-shirt, this is it. It has a boxy cut that’s classic and tucks well into jeans.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167620_864_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
The three-quarter sleeve and thick material of this top gives it an almost dressy vibe, so I wear this a lot in evenings. 
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167623_429_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
I have an old Reformation bodysuit that’s very similar to this that’s perfect for wearing with midi skirts. It’s super tight so it gives a really polished feel. 
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167629_484_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
This tee is also 100% cotton, but has a softer feel than the Hanes one and a more relaxed, vintage-inspired look.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167633_891_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
This mock-neck top is perfect in white because it’s not see-through, but also not super thick. 
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167637_178_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
In the summer, I wear this tank with jeans almost every weekend.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167644_551_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
I love these jeans so much, I have two pairs. One was hemmed shorter to wear with sneakers and sandals (seen here), and one a little longer to pair better with boots (seen here). 
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167645_775_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
Yes, I have them in this faded black too, which brings the total to three pairs of these exact jeans.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167646_193_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
These leather pants are the perfect alternative to jeans when you want to make a little more of a statement with your outfit.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167647_739_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
After minorly tapering the leg of these (since I’m on the shorter side the flare looked a little exaggerated on me), they became my go-to “dressy” jeans. You know when you probably shouldn’t wear jeans to something but really want to so you need a pair that’s definitely not distressed and especially nice? That’s these for me. I even wore them to my wedding rehearsal dinner.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167648_431_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
I love the darker wash of these jeans. 
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167650_653_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
I have an old pair of leather pants from H&M that I bought over four years ago and are very similar to these. They’re the perfect cut and fit just like jeans, so they’re a no-brainer to style. 
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167651_866_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
One of my latest (and greatest) buys are these perfectly minimalist heeled sandals from Aquazzura. They go with pretty much any dress or evening outfit.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167653_467_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
This is similar to the colour of my favourite trainers—my Air Max 97s—and I highly recommend getting them before they’re gone. I love how comfortable they are, the little bit of added height, and how the metallic colour scheme goes with everything.  
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167654_426_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
These comfortable and classic Manolos (that I borrowed from my mother) are my go-to pumps.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167655_881_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
I have these in black (though I’m starting to think I need this new colour, too) and I think I wore them six out of seven days a week last summer. They’re so flattering and comfortable.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167656_83_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
These simple Western boots are also hands down the most comfortable shoes I own. They have some kind of cushion at the ball of your foot that feels like a pillow.
Trust Me—Buy These 22 Basics 1556167657_379_trust-me-buy-these-22-basics
Another recent buy, these block heels are comfortable enough to wear all day but also high enough to serve as a good shoe for night. I love how they’re basic but still interesting. Up next? See our guide to the key trends for spring summer 2019. 

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