5 New Fashion Brands to Shop If You're Tired of Twinning With Your Friends

At one point or another, we’ve all unknowingly purchased the same item as a friend, coworker, family member, or that random woman we regularly pass on the street. Chock it up to mass brands and retailers we simply can’t resist! While twinning moments are cute some of the time, there are those other moments when you want to be sure you’re setting yourself apart. New fashion brands are one of my favorite ways to do so.

When it comes to discovering fresh labels, Instagram is a natural go-to these days, though, after a handful of suggested brand pages, the deep-dive spiral can leave you swirling. For a well-edited take, retailers like Net-a-Porter are prioritizing brand discovery as a key component of their business. Last year, the London-based retailer launched The Vanguard, a shoppable incubator of sorts that celebrates and supports emerging fashion talents.

For shoppers like you, this boils down to some of the freshest fashion on the market, from handbag brands to clothing and jewelry designers (buzzy labels like Staud, Nanushka, and Wandler have all been part of the retailer’s emerging talent edit).

“In an industry that’s constantly focusing on the new, we not only want to introduce freshness to our customers, but we also feel a responsibility to help the fashion industry continue to ensure success for new designers, as they are [the] future of our business,” said Elizabeth von der Goltz, Net-a-Porter’s global buying director.

Whether you like to be an early adopter of new labels or simply want to shake up your go-to rotation of brands, von der Goltz said emerging designers have the ability to fuel both types of shoppers. “These brands tap into new customers and seasoned customers alike who want newness in their wardrobe and want to know the latest designers that are available. It’s a win-win working with the latest talent for this reason,” she said.

The fashion executive went on to explain how The Vanguard is a great resource for shoppers who thrive off of instant gratification, too. “Customers are excited to try new styles and embrace the latest trends and, as such, we’re seeing our customer adhere to the latest posts on Instagram and wanting things immediately,” von der Goltz said.

Ahead, read on for five new fashion brands featured in Net-a-Porter’s Vanguard edit, and shop our edit of ultrastylish pieces before everyone else. Fair warning: each item will elicit a “where did you get that?” response, but we’re confident you can handle it.

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