The 6 Best Places to Buy Vintage Online, Straight From a Fashion Editor

Vintage shopping is an art. But few people have the time – and patience! – to sift through racks, shelves, and bins of used clothing to find those one-of-a-kind diamonds in the rough. What’s more, when some of the best vintage selections in the world are, well, halfway around the world, it’s not exactly an accessible option on the regular. Enter: ecommerce vintage shops. With heavily curated selections of some of the best vintage pieces, both high and low alike, there are tons of sites that are a treasure trove of all things past-season, ripe for the picking. While you might easily type in your credit card information for a pair of Levi’s 501s from the ’80s, it’s hard to do the same for an Hermès Birkin bag without seeing the merch up close. Ahead, find the six best online vintage shops for the style-lover, all with our official stamp of approval.

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