I HATE Complicated Outfits, but These Day-to-Night Looks Are So Easy to Wear

Day-to-night outfits are always spoken about in theory, but when it comes to figuring out formulas that actually transition from the morning to after hours, the challenge is real. For me, common trouble areas include shoes that aren’t built for all-day comfort, sneakers or sandals that work for day but feel too casual at night, lightweight pieces of clothing that, while comfortable in the heat, require an extra layer in overactive AC or after sundown, mini accessories that are great for a night out but feel impractical during the day, and casual staples that work for low-key outings but feel a little underwhelming for a dinner, drinks, or a party.

An obvious solution to these dressing conundrums is changing at some point during the day, but I live in New York City and rarely have an opportunity to switch out a piece of my outfit let a lone do a full-on wardrobe change without lugging around an overstuffed tote bag (not exactly chic). I also hate overcomplicated outfits that require too many pieces, which means I have to think super creatively to land on a formula that feels just right (a real Goldilocks predicament, if you will).

If you, too, struggle with day-to-night outfits that actually work day to night, ahead, I’ve put together 8 Summer formulas that can truly do both. From top-and-skirt combos to all-in-one jumpsuits and versatile dresses, these outfits are not only easy to wear and but star affordable clothing from the POPSUGAR collection at Kohl’s. That’s what I like to call a win-win.

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