Kirby Howell-Baptiste Wore a $7 Thrifted Suit to Make an Important Point About Fast Fashion

Kirby Howell-Baptiste looked incredible in a pantsuit at the premiere of Why Women Kill, and it cost less than $10. Yes, really. The British actress, whom you know from an impressive list of shows including Killing Eve, The Good Place, Barry, and the Veronica Mars reboot, served a head-to-toe fierce look with an equally important message about consumerism and environmental consciousness.

“I bought the suit I’m wearing for $6.99 (not a typo) from a thrift store in the valley,” Kirby said in her caption alongside a photo from the red carpet. “I had the idea that I wanted to wear a suit and also cover my face somehow. Then stylist extraordinaire @aubreybinzer helped the whole look come together with a white shirt, a ‘category is: funeral realness’ fascinator, and lots of gorgeous vintage accessories.”

“Most of the looks I wear (IRL and for shoots/carpets/press) are vintage, second hand, or borrowed,” she continued. “I firmly believe we have more than enough and in making more fast/throwaway fashion, we further damage this rad-ass planet unnecessarily. When possible, I try to buy secondhand clothes, or things that are consciously made, then pop in a few newer bits and bobs here and there.”

“There are some setbacks: vintage shoes are hard for those of us with ‘boat feet’ as my Nan would say, and often vintage clothes can be limited to smaller sizes. Thrift stores (non-exclusively vintage), @crossroadstrading and @buffaloexchange are great for secondhand clothes and shoes that carry an array of sizes. If you’re curious about fast fashion and its environmental effects, a great starting point is @truecostmovie. Also, @mariekondo shares some amazing tips in her book and @netflix show about the things we own and how we can spark joy by being conscious of what we accumulate.”

She made valid points and looked flawless doing it. See more photos of Kirby’s full look ahead, and you might be inspired to follow her lead.

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