Dread Going Back to School? These 22 Fall Fashion Must Haves Might Change Your Mind

I can distinctly remember spending my last days of Summer as a teenager and college student dreading the day I had to go back to school. That all changed, though, when my parents said it was time to go clothes shopping for the new school year. I’ve always loved shopping, and the thought of being treated to a shopping spree was like a dream, my chance to start the year fresh and show off my new and improved style.

Those were days before online shopping, though, and I was stuck in department stores. Now, it’s so much easier to get exactly what you want without limitations. But the large amount of choices can make finding your matches difficult. Ahead, I curated a list of 22 Fall picks that no doubt belong in your wardrobe. From comfy sweaters to cool sneakers, prepare to want them all. And hey, who said you need to be in school to love these finds? A couple are already in my shopping cart. Take a look.

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