Kim Kardashian Makes Me Crave Leather Pants Like I Crave Pizza on a Friday Night

When Kim Kardashian stepped out with her sister Khloé for lunch at Malibu Farm Pier Cafe, she was wearing decidedly simple clothes: a chocolate turtleneck bodysuit with worn-in leather pants that I assume are vintage. Kim tied back her hair into a tight knot and went for minimal accessories, finishing off the ensemble with croc-effect strappy sandals. It was a very Kim Kardashian look indeed, but not one that would necessarily stop you in your tracks, and we all know how she loves to impress in outfits like those. I think that’s why I was able to focus in on the clear focal point: Kim’s pants, which take a slight flare at the knee.

Leather pants are clearly one of Fall’s biggest trends, but it’s just like Kim to arrive upon the perfect pair – they flatter her figure with just the right amount of stretch, stopping at ankle length so she can still delight in a shoe moment. Now, I’m adamant about finding faux-leather, and while I can’t say for sure if Kim feels the same way, I did some research and am here to prove that you can get slacks that look just as good, and for a fair price, too. I couldn’t help but shop after seeing Kim pull off the style du jour so flawlessly. Whether you prefer black, brown, olive, or navy blue, your new go-to pants – in a similar slightly fitted cut and matte finish, by the way – await you.

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