Kylie Jenner Has Enough Vintage Chanel Snow-cessories to Fill Half My Closet

The Kardashian-Jenners are big fans of shopping vintage pieces off What Goes Around Comes Around, and when Kylie Jenner was headed on her Winter getaway, she obviously remembered to browse the site. Kylie spent time with her friend Yris Palmer, both women showing off furry stoles and scarves and Kylie a pair of Fendi snow boots. Later, Kylie slipped into leather pants, a ribbed turtleneck, and elbow-length gloves, sipping wine and showing off her Chanel earmuffs. If you were wondering whether she has any more snow-cessories she wants to share with the group, just check out the following shot from her Instagram Story – honey, there are plenty.

While both Kylie and Yris chose to sport very thin cotton bodysuits in the cold weather, we’re the type who promote layers on layers. On that note, there’s been a turn to superchic skiwear this holiday season, and we’re ready to pile on the adornments. Kylie has, this time, inspired us to take it up a notch when we’re running out in our puffers or even showing off our athletic skills on a snowboarding adventure. We may not all have the cash to shell out for Chanel snow-cessories, but read on to see other cute options (some of which are vintage) that we found.

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