10 Basic Dresses You Need to Own, Plus How to Style Them For Any Occasion

As someone whose closet is packed with patterned dresses in a variety of tiered, ruffled, and maxi styles, it’s no secret that I love a statement piece. That being said, I also see the value in solid (both aesthetically and in theory) basics. Not only are they reliable on days when I feel like being a little more low-key, but truthfully, they’re the most versatile options in my dress collection. Sometimes, my most basic styles can turn into my best outfits – especially with the help of accessories.

Case in point: the 10 Instagram looks we’ve rounded up ahead. Featuring some of our favorite fashionable people, these outfits all showcase how an otherwise-basic dress can be styled for a specific occasion, season, or level of impact. As an added bonus, we’ve included a similar piece from Banana Republic to help you re-create the look. You’ll definitely want to add these to your “saved” folder.

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