Walmart's Bringing Back an Iconic New York Fashion Brand, but This Time, It's All Under $65

When I was younger and I would come visit New York, the only place I wanted to shop was Scoop. I loved everything about the store; the colorful clothes, fun accessories, and perfect mix of on-trend pieces and casual, everyday staples made me fall in love with fashion. Plus, it had these colorful shopping bags that my friends and I used to collect. Scoop was one of the first stores to sort clothes by color and style as opposed to brand. It opened its doors in 1996, closing after 20 years in 2016. It was, in short, a New York icon, and now, it’s back.

Scoop has been resurrected by Walmart to create a collection of the on-trend pieces the retailer was famous for, but the catch is that now, the pieces are super affordable. Like, everything’s-under-$65 affordable. We’re shopping the cutest little mini bags, boho dresses, sleek blazers, and vegan leather products. The products are so adorable, it’s hard not to want everything. Plus, you can grab that iconic shopping bag again. Ready, set, shop!

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