Presto Chango! A Quick Update and It's Like Mandy Moore's In a Brand New Look For the Emmys Afterparty

With a simple swap, Mandy Moore pretty much transformed her red carpet look into something just a bit sexier for the Emmys afterparty. Sure, we’re all for a red carpet costume change (what can we say, we live for the drama!), but we have to admit this little outfit tweak is way more relatable than a full-blown Lady Gaga-esque metamorphosis (and you remember how extra that got?!).

The This Is Us star pulled a casual outfit change, adding a gold necklace and swapping her full-sleeved top for this slinky bra top – she even kept the chic red and pink color scheme in tact. Maybe she even had this little bra top hiding underneath, making the switch-up even easier. If that’s the case, Mandy, you are a genius, and, our hero!

Read on to see how Mandy hit the Emmys red carpet at the beginning of the night and how she changed it up to make an entrance at the afterparty.

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