Saturday, October 24

Fall's 5 Biggest Boot Trends Are So Comfy, They'll Give Your Slippers a Run For Their Money

Isn’t it nice to know that the fashion gods kept your comfort in mind when they settled on fall 2020’s lineup of boot trends? It seems like past season styles – the kitten heel ’80s boot, the knee-high stiletto, and the ultra-thin, pointed-toe, just to name a few – have been refreshed with function in mind. The most versatile boot here does have a heel, but it comes with a square toe and a thick sole – it’s a new take on the classic leather ankle boot, but with a reinvigorating shape you’ll really like.

Then there are the functional hiking boots and Chelsea boots that’ll keep your feet snug for long walks or, sure, even an actual hike. If you prefer knee-high, you’re looking at a flat, lug sole that hugs the calf and looks great with an oversize blazer or hoodie, so you’ll have fun playing with proportions. The most thrilling of them all is the ’90s platform boot, for the days you want to channel your inner Spice Girl and add some height, but still seek a foundation of a solid platform. You’ll notice that all of these silhouettes have something in common: it’s all about the sole. If you’re already set on a pair, jump ahead to the category you want to shop, or scroll through all our favorite styles one by one.

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