Sunday, November 29

People on TikTok Are Imagining What Harry Potter Characters Would Wear IRL, and I'm Siriusly Impressed

No need to swish and flick your wand, because the inventive minds on TikTok have figured out a way to create Harry Potter outfits without needing a single drop of magic. The stylish challenge, started by user @soupytime, prompts fans to imagine what Hogwarts students would wear in real life – whether that’s a sleek monochrome black look for Draco Malfoy or a colorful, oversize sweater for Ron Weasley. This stylish challenge caught on quickly, and there are now over 15,000 videos of people trying out the trend. Scroll to see a few of our favorites from fashion-forward TikTokers. We’re spellbound just watching their talents!

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