Thursday, November 26

Wanna See J Lo in a White Wedding Dress? Just Check Out Her Madonna Halloween Costume

Jennifer Lopez definitely did Madonna‘s “Like a Virgin” costume justice this Halloween. The singer spent the holiday at home with her family, including Alex Rodriguez, of course, who went as Bruce Springsteen. She has plenty of photos to prove that she stayed in full character all night long. But while you and I are used to finding our Halloween costumes online, J Lo had the honor of working with her famous stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, on her look, which was actually created by underwear and lingerie experts Marco Marco.

Madonna, who wore the bridal outfit to give her first live performance in 1984 at the MTV VMAs, sang “Like a Virgin” in the look, fully veiled with her famous Boy Toy belt. Unsurprisingly, Lopez’s costume came with all the same distinctive details, and she even went all out with her jewelry, swathed in pearls and cross pendants the same way Madonna was. Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” outfit went on to be displayed at the Hard Rock Cafe’s 40th anniversary memorabilia tour in Times Square – so yes, it’s really that iconic. That being said, we highly doubt anyone will forget J Lo’s recreation either. Check out J Lo on Halloween and reminisce about Madonna’s fashion moment from the ’80s ahead.

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