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These are the most popular royal-inspired baby names

These are the most popular royal-inspired baby names these-are-the-most-popular-royal-inspired-baby-names
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Would you choose a royal-inspired baby name? There are a number of baby name lists to trawl through if you’re expecting – there’s the smartest baby names, or the luckiest baby names – there’s even a number of baby names that promise fame and success (apparently).

But if you want something regal for your little one, there are some popular royal-inspired baby names that you might be interested in.

Following the news that Princess Eugenie is expecting her first child and the potential names have already been predicted, Gigcalculator researched which monikers are on the rise in 2020 by gathering a list of baby names with regal connotations by looking at those on and assessing whether there has been an increase or decrease in parents using them over the last year.

It revealed that the number of people searching for ‘unusual names’ has spiked by 64% in the last twelve months. Contessa is the most sought after royal inspired name for girls, with a spike of 125%, followed by Queenie which is up by 34% and Royal increasing by 31%.

Marquis is proving popular for boys with a spike of 117%, with Pharoah and Count following with a 67% and 47% increase respectively.

Let’s take a look at the full lists…

Royal Inspired Baby Names

Here’s the list of regal names that are proving popular in 2020:

Popular royal baby names for boys

Marquis – +117%

Pharaoh – +67%

Count – +47%

Quinton – +20%

Sir – +13%

Duke – +7%

Reign – +4%

Rainer – +4%

Popular royal baby names for girls

Contessa – +125%

Queenie – +34%

Royal – +31%

Rani – +20%

Rhiannon – +20%

Raina – +3%

Would you choose one of these names for your newborn?

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