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Bridgerton's Rege-Jean Page, Phoebe Dynevor Relationship Quotes

Stop the presses, Whistledown! Bridgerton fans have been buzzing about a potential romance between costars Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page since the show premiered.

The pair danced around rumors until February, when Dynevor set the record straight about her relationship with Page once and for all in an interview with You magazine.

“I’d love to say there was really something between us. But no, it has always been strictly professional. There was so much pressure on us to get it right that it was all about the work. We have a really professional working relationship,” she said. “I’m glad for that, actually. It would be very complicated if it went further.”

The British actress noted that she was “intrigued” by costars falling in love but said it hadn’t happened to her yet. “People really root for us. We have to say we’re actors, we’re doing a job,” she noted. “There is something to be said for not spoiling the magic. But at a certain point you have to say ‘no.’”

Prior to the Snatch actress’ interview with You, she and Page addressed speculation from fans about their bond on countless occasions. In January, Dynevor admitted that the pair stayed in regular contact despite being oceans apart between filming for the upcoming season of the Netflix period drama.

“Unfortunately now he’s off in Los Angeles, but we check in with each other a lot,” she told The Guardian, adding that they’re “good mates.”

Page, for his part, avoided giving a direct answer about whether he was dating Dynevor during a joint interview with Access Hollywood earlier that month. The Roots alum played it coy instead, crediting the “beautiful scripts” with getting sparks to fly between himself and his costar.

Dynevor and Page may not be dating in real life, but fans can expect to enjoy more of their onscreen chemistry in season 2 of the series. Although the duo won’t be the focus, they are slated to continue to appear. Instead, fans will get a whole lot more of Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) — Dynevor’s character’s older brother on Bridgerton.

Netflix confirmed that the series would return for a second season in January. Lady Whistledown, the show’s fictional gossip columnist, confirmed that the elder Bridgerton boy will feature as the main storyline in a subsequent tweet. Additionally, Simone Ashley has been cast as the sophomore season’s leading lady.

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Bridgerton's Rege-Jean Page, Phoebe Dynevor Relationship Quotes bridgertons-rege-jean-page-phoebe-dynevor-relationship-quotes
Next Question

During a joint interview with Access Hollywood, Page expertly dodged questions about his relationship with Dynevor while simultaneously keeping the rumor mill going.

“I think everything you need to know is on camera,” he said of their chemistry in January 2020.

Access Hollywood

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Keep in Touch

Dynevor told The Guardian in January 2020 she and Page stayed in touch after filming wrapped on season 1 of Bridgerton. She also touched on romance rumors and how working together played into that.

“It was a big moment in both our lives in a lot of ways, and we were both quite nervous about it,” she shared. “We spent so much time rehearsing together that we’ve become good mates.”


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Smells Like the Duke

After being asked several times, the Younger star finally revealed to Glamour magazine in January 2020 what Page smells like, revealing that he’s “unscented in a good way.” She also teased their onscreen love lives some.

“I’d like to explore a bit more of Daphne and Simon’s relationship. I really liked that it ended on a happy ending, but life isn’t one happy ending,” she told the magazine. “I’d like to see what other hurdles they have to jump over.”


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No Sparks Here

In February 2021, Dynevor shut down rumors that she and Page are a couple, admitting during an interview with You that it would likely complicate their work together on the show.


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