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Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets

Speaking out! Members of Bachelor Nation had a lot to say after fellow cast member Taylor Nolan’s insensitive tweets resurfaced at the end of February.

The Bachelor alum’s old social media posts used homophobic slurs, fat-shaming language and insulted Indian, Asian and Jewish communities.

Though Nolan, 27, apologized for her past comments in an Instagram video on Sunday, February 28, the response was not enough for many of the psychotherapist’s colleagues and fans.

“My tweets from 10 years ago are sh–ty, they suck, they were wrong and are hurtful,” Nolan wrote as she shared a video. “I want to be clear that they don’t take away from the work I do today, they are literally how I got here to doing this work. If you’re gonna take the time and energy to scroll through ten years of my tweets, then please take your time to listen to this video. I never deleted those tweets for a reason because they’ve been a part of my journey since way before going [on] The Bachelor. I didn’t need anyone to call those things out to me to know they were wrong, I’ve been doing that work on my own for the last ten years and it’s the same work I do today and the same work I will continue doing for the rest of my life.”

The Washington native released another Instagram statement on Monday, March 1, expressing regret once again for both her tweets and her original video.

“Yesterday’s response was a reaction and not an apology. I’m sorry I didn’t take a second to come correct. I owe you all an apology,” Nolan wrote. “There is no question or defending that every word of my old tweets are harmful, wrong, triggering and incredibly upsetting to the communities that I identify with and that I support. I’m so sorry to the folks that were triggered and re-traumatized by seeing the hurtful words from my past.”

In her apology, Nolan admitted that the social media posts were “vile and unacceptable.” The “Let’s Talk About It” podcast host wrote that the old tweets, “were a way for me to deflect from my own internalized racism, misogyny and ignorance. … Still, they cause harm and I am accountable [for] that harm.”

Prior to being called out for her own wrongdoings, Nolan spoke out against Chris Harrison‘s controversial Extra interview with Rachel Lindsay, calling for the Bachelor host to be fired. Lindsay and others have since reacted to Nolan’s own scandal and her apologies thereafter.

Scroll to see what the Bachelor Nation members had to say.

Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets rachel-lindsay-more-bachelor-nation-stars-react-to-taylor-nolans-tweets
Rachel Lindsay

The former Bachelorette, 35, commented on Nolan’s situation on the Tuesday, March 2, episode of her “Higher Learning” podcast, saying she was shocked to see the tweets.

“I would say she’s been … very outspoken about all the inequalities and injustices within the franchise. She has been a leading voice for anti-racism,” Lindsay said on the podcast. “At first I was like, Is this real?’ … I have the same energy with Taylor that I do with anybody who does something that’s wrong. I said the same thing with Chris Harrison, even though that message seems to be getting lost, I said the same thing with [Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell]. You’re never going to hear me say cancel this person, this person is done. … What you’ll hear me say is you’ve got to hold that person accountable. So I have that same thing with Taylor. What she did was wrong. It was terrible. It was shocking. It was disgusting. She should be held accountable for that.”

Lindsay believes that, while Nolan should be held accountable for her actions, the public should recognize she’s not the same person as she was when the tweets were written.

“I hope Taylor will come out and explain because [she’s in a] position that we’re not in. She used to be one way, and now she’s something different,” the attorney continued. “I would love for Taylor to come out and say how she got to the place that she is today. … Don’t make any excuses [because] what you did was wrong, but then tell us how you got to the place you did today because that will a reach a lot of people.”

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Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets _903_rachel-lindsay-more-bachelor-nation-stars-react-to-taylor-nolans-tweets
Bekah Martinez

“Taking time out of my sunday social media break to post this because I think a lot of other bach nation people will be scared to say something and this needs to be called out,” Martinez, 26, wrote via her Instagram Stories on Sunday shortly after Nolan posted her initial video. “@taymocha as someone who consistently calls out other people’s apologies, I expect far better than this bulls—t that consistently centers yourself, and is insanely self-congratulatory and snarky. humble yourself and call it what it is. the things you said went far beyond centering whiteness… they centered bigotry and hatefulness. there is so much disgusting dark things in those tweets. be honest. if this was an integral part of your journey, why did it take until now (being called to publicly) to acknowledge it? You are not above scrutiny for past actions any more than anyone else. come at me all you want but I will not back down. what you did was wrong and this written response is horrible.”


Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets _728_rachel-lindsay-more-bachelor-nation-stars-react-to-taylor-nolans-tweets
Kaitlyn Bristowe

The 35-year-old Canada native posted a video to her Instagram stories reacting to Nolan’s tweets on Monday, admitting that she’d needed some time to fully “digest” the tweets before issuing a response. 

“It really, truly just made me sick to my stomach to see,” the season 11 Bachelorette said in part of the lengthy video. “But now, here’s the thing. I can’t post anything or do anything because now my DMs are filled with people being, like, ‘How have you not said anything about the Taylor Nolan thing?’ Because I myself have to think, digest, read what she said. And you know what? It really bothered me.”

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Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets _359_rachel-lindsay-more-bachelor-nation-stars-react-to-taylor-nolans-tweets
Olivia Caridi

“I am so horrified and utterly disappointed as I read Taylor’s tweets. I don’t stand for racism, homophobia, fatphobia, or hatred in any sense. Accountability applies to all – and I need her to denounce this language and fast” the grad student, 28, wrote on Twitter.

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Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets _631_rachel-lindsay-more-bachelor-nation-stars-react-to-taylor-nolans-tweets
Onyeka Ehie

The Bachelor in Paradise alum, 26, posted her reaction on Twitter. “Idk who taught @taymocha how to make a decent apology but they failed miserably. I’m absolutely horrified right now and I keep seeing new comments come to light. Y’all I seriously feel sick reading this s—t,” she wrote.

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Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets _852_rachel-lindsay-more-bachelor-nation-stars-react-to-taylor-nolans-tweets
Katrina Badowski

After unfollowing Nolan, the former contestant posted a response to her Instagram stories.

“Taylor Nolan is someone I have looked to for valuable insight and even inspiration. I have read all of her previous tweets. While I believe people can change and shouldn’t be defined by their past, her reactions today have led me to believe I can no longer trust her,” the 29-year-old former NFL dancer wrote. “Her defensive, gaslighting demonstrations of an ‘apology’ are disappointing and shed light on her entire character. She chose to center herself, and learning this, I now see her with a new lens. While she has made positive impacts recently, learning new information about her (not from 2012 but from her choices TODAY) I have unfollowed her and will continue to follow more reputable and credible experts in the topics she discussed.” 

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Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets _68_rachel-lindsay-more-bachelor-nation-stars-react-to-taylor-nolans-tweets
Danielle Maltby

“Where to begin, I am so thoroughly appalled and sick over the tweets I’ve seen, some as recent as 2014,” the nurse, 35, wrote in part of a lengthy Instagram post on Monday. 

“I do not support and fully condemn her language and tweets. I am so thoroughly disturbed by all of them. I have been very angry the last 24 hours. I feel betrayed, like most of you who have looked up to her and learned from her. … Is she an example of someone who can change and fully unpack that hatred? Maybe? I really truly hope so. But right now I’m just disgusted and it’s hard to view someone the same way and that’s also valid. I hope that feeling changes.”

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Rachel Lindsay, More Bachelor Nation Stars React to Taylor Nolan’s Tweets _926_rachel-lindsay-more-bachelor-nation-stars-react-to-taylor-nolans-tweets
Vanessa Grimaldi

Nolan’s fellow Bachelor season 21 cast member, 33, shared her reaction to the events on her Instagram feed. “The news Taylor’s past tweets has been heavily weighing on me. I needed a day to breathe and write something from the heart that wasn’t reactive, because I was in disbelief,” she wrote.

Sharing that she had discussed matters with Nolan in private, the Montreal native continued the message in part: “Taylor often speaks about holding people accountable to the highest of standards for their words and acts and hatred towards marginalized communities. As someone who has gotten to know her well throughout the years, it is my responsibility to hold her accountable to the same standards she expects from others, as well as myself. I am disturbed, upset, hurt, disappointed and saddened by the things she said. I did not know of these tweets until they were brought to light yesterday. I do think they need to be deleted. They are triggering, dangerous and harmful. I am in shock.“

Courtesy Vanessa Grimaldi/Instagram

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