Thursday, April 15

Susan Alexandra Has Created an Eggcellent Accessory Collection With Handsome Brook Farms

Only Susan Alexandra could come up with an egg-inspired line of accessories and have us wanting to buy each and every piece. The New York-based designer, who’s known for her colorful beaded bags, has teamed up with Handsome Brook Farms, one of the country’s leading producer of ethically and sustainably produced eggs. Susan has created a mini collection of handmade accessories that are playful and whimsical. There are a total of three egg-inspired pieces, each one cuter than the next. First up, a mini sky-blue beaded bag with a golden egg in the center. Then, a sunny-side-up hair clip, and finally, mini sunny-side-up charm hoops. Prices range for the collection range from $55 for the hair clip to $230 for the beaded bag.

We also love that the line is encouraging the playful upcycling of everyday items. Case in point? Instead of a traditional dust cover, the purses come wrapped in a reusable Handsome Baggu bag for more sustainable grocery shopping. The hair clip and earrings will come wrapped in a compostable, Handsome ½ dozen egg carton, as well. Keep reading to check out the campaign and shop the pieces ahead.

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