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David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy

As the fallout from David Dobrik’s past content continues, his friends, known as the Vlog Squad, are slowly starting to speak out.

Dobrik, 24, came under fire after an anonymous woman accused former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis (better known as “Durte Dom”) of sexual assault. The woman, who went by “Hannah” for an article by Insider detailing the accusations, claimed that Zeglaitis raped her during a night of drinking with Dobrik, Jason Nash, Jeff Wittek, Todd Smith and Nick Antonyan. Events from the evening were documented for Dobrik’s since-deleted vlog titled “SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!”

In the 2018 video, Zeglaitis, who no longer makes content regularly with Dobrik, claimed several college girls responded to his Instagram request to have a “fivesome.” While Dobrik said in the video that it was clear the group sex wasn’t happening after “Hannah” and her friends arrived, they all stayed and drank together. “Hannah” was 20 at the time.

“There were definitely times she was drinking it of her own volition, but there were also times where he was clearly trying to get her to drink more,” one of the alleged witnesses told Insider.

“Hannah” added, “It seemed like I had a super-fun night with these famous vloggers basically, which is not what happened. I was exploited for content and stripped of autonomy and a voice.”

In the vlog, Zeglaitis can be seen walking to a bedroom with two women. The group subsequently attempted to listen through the door before Zeglaitis claimed he had a “threesome.” According to “Hannah,” Zeglaitis took advantage of her and had sex with her while she was too drunk to consent. Her friend who was also in the room with Zeglaitis allegedly informed her of what happened in the following days.

Zeglaitis has yet to publicly respond to the accusations. According to Insider, he declined to comment. (Us Weekly also reached out to his team.) Dobrik, for his part, initially spoke out through his lawyers, who told Insider, “Anyone who knows him knows he does not condone misconduct in any form. Vlog participants provide consent before anything is posted. Whenever consent is retracted, posts are removed. Any insinuation of wrongdoing is inaccurate and defamatory.”

The YouTuber, who has more than 16 million subscribers, faced backlash for his initial apology, which came in the form of a two-minute video uploaded to his and Nash’s podcast Views‘ channel, which has a significantly lower number of subscribers compared to his main channel.

“There’s also been moments where I’ve looked back on videos, and I realize that these don’t represent me anymore, and they’re hurtful to other people, and I don’t want them up because I’ve grown as a content creator and as a person,” Dobrik said on March 16, noting that “consent is something that’s super, super important” to him. “And I don’t agree with some of the videos I’ve posted.”

Days later, Dobrik apologized again, admitting he “enabled” the situation and made the girls in the 2018 vlog “feel their safety and values were compromised.” He also acknowledged that his content created an ”unfair power dynamic” that he wasn’t aware of in the past.

“As it was reported, the next day, I got consent to post the video. Even though I got the consent to post the video, I should have never posted it. What I understand now, and what I didn’t understand before is that she sent that text because she felt like she had to, not because she wanted to and that’s f—ked up, and I am sorry,” Dobrik said. “I didn’t know what was going on in that room, and I should have been making sure everybody involved was taken care of and wasn’t uncomfortable.”

In addition to the assault accusations against Zeglaitis, Dobrik and Nash also made headlines when former Vlog Squad member Joseth “Seth” Francois claimed he was tricked into kissing Nash in a 2017 vlog.

“With the Seth situation, I’m sorry to Seth because, like I said, I just want to make videos where everybody in it, whether you’re participating or watching, is enjoying and having a good time,” Dobrik said in his initial apology. “And I missed the mark with that one, and I’m really sorry. I truly, truly am.”

Dobrik has since lost several sponsors and followers.

Scroll through for a breakdown of the Vlog Squad’s reactions:

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Natalie Mariduena

Mariduena has made a name for herself as Dobrik’s OG assistant and bestie.

“I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the recent allegations and because of the severity, it’s taken me time to process. Like many of you, I’m upset and angry and do not condone the behavior detailed in the article or any sexual misconduct/abuse for that matter,” she wrote on March 22 via Instagram. “I want to make it clear that I acknowledge, hear and support those who came forward and I stand by the victims.”


Courtesy of Natalie Mariduena/Instagram

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _142_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy

The BFFs, who have a joint channel, released a video titled “Our Thoughts” on March 22. In the nearly 3-minute video, they denied rumors that Dobrik tried to stop them from weighing in.

“We’ve just been taking this time to really process this whole situation ourselves and decide how we were going to talk about it because it is a really sensitive thing,” Gilfoy said. “But it’s also a really disturbing thing and we want you guys to know where we stand in terms of these allegations.”

Incontro replied, “We think it’s disgusting, what happened. None of that is OK and I just hope that her abuser gets to face the entire, full consequence of all of this and takes full accountability for what happened that night. We do not condone that at all.”


David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _661_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Jason Nash

The comedian, who is one of Dobrik’s closest friends and allies, has yet to publicly comment on the controversy. He was briefly featured in the since-deleted vlog and the one who kissed Francois.


David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _94_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Jeff Wittek

In the Insider article, several witnesses alleged that Wittek and Todd Smith supplied the alcohol for the underage girls. Wittek has denied the accusations several times, including in a since-deleted video titled, “My Truth,” released on March 21.

“It just makes me angry because it is so not true,” he said, adding that the accusations against Zeglaitis are “horrible and disgusting” and he had “absolutely nothing to do” with the situation.

Wittek subsequently joined Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein on their “Frenemies” podcast. During the live interview, the hosts, who don’t have a good relationship with Dobrik, showed Wittek a picture of him, Dobrik and Smith standing across from the alleged victim being held up by her friend at 1:38 a.m. — despite Wittek’s claims that they the get-together earlier in the evening.



David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _710_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Todd Smith

Smith, who is dating Mariduena, was also there the night of the controversial vlog. He has yet publicly to react.

Courtesy of Todd Smith/Instagram

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _279_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Nick Antonyan

Antonyan, who is better known as “Jonah,” has stayed mum. He was featured in the 2018 vlog.

Courtesy of Nick Antonyan/Instagram

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _626_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Heath Hussar

Hussar, pictured with girlfriend and fellow Vlog Squad member Mariah Amato, has been friends with Dobrik since their days on Vine. He has yet to publicly comment on the scandal.

Courtesy of Heath Hussar/Instagram

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _144_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Zane Hijazi

Another one of Dobrik’s BFFs and go-to collaborators, Hijazi has yet to react to the situation.

Courtesy of Zane Hijazi/Instagram

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _588_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Scotty Sire

Sire previously came to Dobrik’s defense after Francois’ claims in the since-deleted video earlier this month.

“I am totally sick of seeing my friend’s names get dragged through the mud over false allegations and lies,” he said. “They haven’t said anything because the Vlog Squad doesn’t address rumors, lies, and gossip.”

Days later, Sire apologized on March 8, admitting he let “emotion get the best of” him. He has yet to comment on the Zeglaitis scandal.


Courtesy of Scotty Sire/Instagram

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _826_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Josh Peck

The Drake and Josh alum is Dobrik’s childhood-hero-turned-friend and collaborator. He hasn’t reacted to the controversy.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _581_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Corinna Kopf

Kopf has known Dobrik since before they moved to Los Angeles. She hasn’t responded to the scandal.

Courtesy of Corinna Kopf/Instagram

David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad: Who Has (and Hasn’t) Reacted to Controversy _543_david-dobriks-vlog-squad-who-has-and-hasnt-reacted-to-controversy
Matt King

King, who hosts a podcast with Hussar and Hijazi and has been featured in Dobrik’s videos over the years, has yet to speak out.

Courtesy of Matt King/Instagram

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