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Who Is Anna Marie Tendler? 5 Things to Know After John Mulaney Split

After six years of marriage, John Mulaney and wife Anna Marie Tendler have officially ended their relationship.

“I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage,” Tendler, 35, said in a statement following the announcement on Monday, May 10. “I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.”

A spokesperson for Mulaney, 38, addressed the news in a statement to Us Weekly, noting, “John will not have any further comment as he continues to focus on his recovery and getting back to work.”

The estranged pair were introduced during a Massachusetts getaway in 2010 and Tendler immediately knew she was interested in the former Saturday Night Live writer.

“After a group vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, John rode shotgun while Anna drove a carload of people home,” the couple reflected on their first meeting in a post on their wedding website years later. “He did bits the whole ride and killed. They were not dating at the time, but Anna knew they would be soon after.”

Mulaney found a funny way to officially refer to Tendler as his girlfriend after two years of dating.

“My girlfriend is a makeup artist and hairstylist and cuts my hair for free. I would promote her here but I totally forgot her name,” he joked to New York Magazine in 2012.

The couple got married in July 2014, with their friend Dan Levy officiating the ceremony.

“On a beautiful and perfect day, I married a beautiful and perfect woman. I wish I could live it over and over again,” Mulaney captioned a wedding photo of the couple that month.

The twosome continued to share glimpses at their marriage and their beloved French bulldog, Petunia, on social media. Mulaney and Tendler even worked together on his Broadway show, Oh, Hello.

“It was hands down the most rewarding thing that I did in makeup in my entire makeup career,” the makeup artist said during an interview with Nylon in 2019. “It prolonged my career in makeup for an extra year and a half. We did 140 shows just on Broadway, that doesn’t include the tour and off-Broadway. I went from writing books, which was very solitary, to working on Broadway on something really collaborative, and that was so fun.”

After 15 years of sobriety, the comedian checked himself into a rehab facility in December 2020. He sought treatment for alcoholism and cocaine addiction during a 60-day program in Pennsylvania.

At the time, a source told Us that the Chicago native’s family was proud of his decision.

“It was a relief to his wife and family that he checked in,” an insider told Us. “It was John’s decision. Plain and simple, John had too much downtime. He had too much time in his own head.”

The insider added: “John has always been engaged in his sobriety. The relapse got ugly, but it was his choice to go to rehab, which saved his life.”

Prior to Mulaney seeking help for his addiction, Tendler seemingly deleted all her social media accounts and unfollowed him.

Scroll down for five things to know about Mulaney’s estranged wife:

Who Is Anna Marie Tendler? 5 Things to Know After John Mulaney Split who-is-anna-marie-tendler-5-things-to-know-after-john-mulaney-split
She Is a Business Owner

After moving on from her previous job as a makeup and hairstylist, Tendler started to create custom Victorian lampshades.

“I love working with my hands. I think that just based on that, doing something that’s artistic with my hands is really fun for me and something that I really enjoy,” Tendler told Nylon in 2019 after starting her online business, Silk Parlor. “It’s definitely been fun, it’s been a learning experience, but it’s also sometimes surprising and hard.”

Adam Nemser/

Who Is Anna Marie Tendler? 5 Things to Know After John Mulaney Split _211_who-is-anna-marie-tendler-5-things-to-know-after-john-mulaney-split
She Quietly Left Social Media

The Pin It!: 20 Fabulous Bobby Pin Hairstyles author originally deleted her social media accounts right before Mulaney checked himself into a rehab facility in December 2020.

She returned shortly after, only to again remove her presence from the internet.

Adam Nemser/

Who Is Anna Marie Tendler? 5 Things to Know After John Mulaney Split _508_who-is-anna-marie-tendler-5-things-to-know-after-john-mulaney-split
She Is a Proud Dog Mom

Tendler and Mulaney gushed about their French bulldog, Petunia, many times over the years. The Connecticut native even wore a silver ring with her dog’s name during an interview.


Courtesy John Mulaney/Instagram

Who Is Anna Marie Tendler? 5 Things to Know After John Mulaney Split _778_who-is-anna-marie-tendler-5-things-to-know-after-john-mulaney-split
She Was Mentioned Many Times in Mulaney’s Stand-Up Comedy Shows

During his 2018 Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, the comedian made several references to his wife.

“I said, ‘Do you mind if I still make fun of you on stage?’ And my wife said, ‘Yeah, you can make fun of me. But just don’t say that I’m a bitch and that you don’t like me,'” he joked. “I was like, ‘The bar is so much lower than I ever imagined. That’s it?’ Also, I wouldn’t say that. What kind of show would that be?”

Mulaney concluded the joke, saying, “My wife is a bitch and I like her so much. She is a dynamite, 5-foot, Jewish bitch, and she’s the best.” 



Who Is Anna Marie Tendler? 5 Things to Know After John Mulaney Split _816_who-is-anna-marie-tendler-5-things-to-know-after-john-mulaney-split
Her ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ Appearance Was Instantly Meme-Worthy

Tendler had a brief cameo in Mulaney’s episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in 2019 — and she managed to steal the whole show. During the episode, Jerry Seinfeld and Mulaney bought a rug to bring home. 

The designer responded with a simple, “No. I don’t think it’s going to work.”

Although Seinfeld insisted both comedians liked the rug, she looked over at her now-estranged husband and skeptically asked, “You both like this one?”

“Tendler won John Mulaney’s episode with a look,” New York Magazine raved in July 2018.


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