Monday, June 21

Get Your Credit Card Out, Because Old Navy's Flattering Swimsuits Are Half Off Today

Whether you’re hoping to pretty much live by the pool this summer or finally booking a trip to the beach, you’ll obviously need a swimsuit – or several – to cover yourself and those plans. No matter if you prefer one-pieces or bikinis, we bet choosing something that makes you both feel and look good factors into your shopping process, as does the price.

Lucky for all of us, Old Navy has options that are not just flattering on your body but will make your bank account stay happy, too. You don’t want to be left with an empty beach bag . . . or an empty cart, so get your flip-flops and cover-up ready, ’cause now’s the time to shop. And if you need an extra nudge, all of our swimsuit picks are marked down 50 percent (online only on June 9).

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