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Elizabeth Hurley’s Most Honest Quotes About Ex Hugh Grant

Showing them how it’s done! Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley‘s romantic relationship may have had had its ups and downs, but the twosome have managed to stay close friends through it all.

Hurley and Grant met while working together on Remando Al Viento in 1987. The duo dated for 13 years before splitting up in 2000.

Even though the actor and the model weren’t able to make it work as a couple, they have spoken about how they kept their connection going as friends.

“We’re like brother and sister,” Grant said about their relationship on The Jess Cagle Interview in 2018. “I think it’s partly because we went from zero to somewhere together, and we went through terrible years at the beginning when neither of us had any work, living in a tiny flat. It was quite bonding.”

Hurley had a similar view when it came to how their relationship shifted since their split.

“He is annoying,” she told Access Hollywood in March 2015. “But I annoy him too. I mean, it’s a mutual annoyance. But we love each other a lot.”

Grant married Anna Eberstein in 2018. The couple are parents to three kids together. He also shares two children with ex Tinglan Hong.

Hurley, for her part, welcomed her son Damian Hurley with the late producer Steve Bing in 2002. Grant is the only godparent to Damian. Hurley started dating Arun Nayar in 2002 and the pair tied the knot in 2007. They later split in 2010.

Hurley got engaged to Shane Warne three months after her divorce in 2011, but the duo called it quits two years later.

The Royals alum has even used social media to celebrate her ex on his birthday.

“A belated (because it took me two days to work out how to screen record),” Hurley captioned a video of Grant dancing in a scene from Love, Actually via Instagram in September 2020. “Happy 60th Birthday to the glorious Hugh Grant – a magnificent addition to the human race – even though he looks like a monkey. Elizabeth Hurley’s Most Honest Quotes About Ex Hugh Grant _715_braunwyn-reveals-the-only-person-from-rhoc-whos-supported-her you forever xxxx”

Scroll down for the most candid quotes that Hurley has shared about Grant:

Elizabeth Hurley’s Most Honest Quotes About Ex Hugh Grant elizabeth-hurleys-most-honest-quotes-about-ex-hugh-grant
March 2015

“He remains my best friend to this day, but … he really used to annoy me,” Hurley explained during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in March 2015. “I love him, but he’s very annoying.”


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Elizabeth Hurley’s Most Honest Quotes About Ex Hugh Grant _974_elizabeth-hurleys-most-honest-quotes-about-ex-hugh-grant
March 2015

The Bedazzled star revealed that her ex was one of the “kindest, most loyal people in the universe” when reflecting on their bond surviving their split.

“I mean, there wasn’t a question of us not being best friends,” Hurley told Access Hollywood in March 2015. “I think when you’ve been with someone for a long time, they are family. And to me, he’s like a big brother. Or not even a big brother, ’cause sometimes I’m more grown up than him. But we’re like siblings now.”

Hurley also clarified that there is nothing romantic between her and Grant.

“No, there’s no romantic flicker, but we love each other a lot,” she said. “I mean, I love him passionately. I love him like I love my son and my brother, and I used to love my father. It’s a grand passion.”

She continued: “But I think it’s quite nice when you realize you can have a passionate friendship with someone, but it’s not actually sexual. It’s just really intense feelings of love, I guess.”

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Elizabeth Hurley’s Most Honest Quotes About Ex Hugh Grant _361_elizabeth-hurleys-most-honest-quotes-about-ex-hugh-grant
October 2016

Hurley opened up about how Grant was the costar she stayed in touch with the longest during an interview with Us Weekly.

“We met on a movie 29 years ago and he’s still my best friend today and I still speak to him every day,” she told Us in September 2016. “That was the best costar I’ve ever had, for sure.”


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Elizabeth Hurley’s Most Honest Quotes About Ex Hugh Grant _902_elizabeth-hurleys-most-honest-quotes-about-ex-hugh-grant
June 2020

“I have certain friends and family who make me howl with mirth: my sister, my son and my ex, Hugh, being the chief culprits,” she told The Times UK in June 2020.

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