Thursday, July 29

These Are the 14 DTC Fashion Brands You Need to Know About Right Now

We’re always about finding the latest and greatest when it comes to fashion, and we’re seeing so many innovative products coming out of direct to consumer, or DTC, fashion brands. When we think of comfortable shoes, sexy bikinis, and gorgeous jewelry, so many of our go-to brands are direct to consumer. It’s a great way to shop more sustainably and support smaller brand names too. If you’ve been curious to shop, look no further than our roundup.

Whether you’re in the market for a dress you can wear all summer long, a sexy yet supportive bra, or a ring that will stay on your finger constantly, these are the 14 brands to shop right now and forever. This is also a great list to bookmark and return to for gifting season, just saying. Keep on reading to shop our selects!

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