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Leyna Bloom: Inside a Day in My Life

Leyna Bloom is just like Us! The actress, 28, tries to maintain an active lifestyle while keeping her mental and physical health in check on a daily basis.

Every morning — after she manages to get herself out of bed because she’s not a morning person — Bloom makes sure to check in with herself.

“I set an intention and make sure I’m ready for everything the day throws at me,” the Asking for It actress exclusively says in the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now.

Bloom, who became the first transgender model to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue last month, notes that she’s still in shock at how her life has turned out.

“I mean, it’s so crazy that I get to call this my life,” she tells Us. “And have my days turn out to be everything I’d dreamed of!”

The Pose alum, who played Pretentia Khan on the FX series, called being on such a major show an “incredible experience.” However, her TV success is just one of many things the trailblazer has accomplished in her young career.

Bloom unveiled herSports Illustrated Swimsuit cover in July — she graces the magazine’s August 2021 issue — which inspired not only the transgender community but people of all walks of life around the world.

“This moment heals a lot of pain in the world. We deserve this moment; we have waited millions of years to show up as survivors and be seen as full humans filled with wonder,” she wrote via Instagram at the time. “I have dreamt a million beautiful dreams, but for girls like me, most dreams are just fanciful hopes in a world that often erases and omits our history and even existence. This moment is so powerful because it allows me to live forever even after my physical form is gone. Not a lot of people get to live in the future, so at this moment, I’m proudly choosing to live forever.”

Throughout her career, the activist has become accustomed to being first. She became the first openly trans woman of color to be featured in Vogue India in 2017. Two years later, she made history as the only trans model to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week for Tommy Hilfiger.

Want to see how else Bloom spends her time? Scroll down to see what a typical day in her life as an actress, an activist and more looks like:

Leyna Bloom: Inside a Day in My Life leyna-bloom-inside-a-day-in-my-life
6:15 a.m.

Rise and shine. “See how happy I look? I’m not really a morning person!” Bloom admits.

Courtesy of Leyna Bloom

Leyna Bloom: Inside a Day in My Life _665_leyna-bloom-inside-a-day-in-my-life
8:30 a.m.

The model kicks off her day with a “selfie check” to make sure she’s “feeling confident and proud.” She notes, “It’s important to check in with myself before each day starts.”

Courtesy of Leyna Bloom

Leyna Bloom: Inside a Day in My Life _269_leyna-bloom-inside-a-day-in-my-life
9:30 a.m.

The activist makes sure to get an early workout in no matter what the rest of her schedule entails. “Finding time to work out is really important for my mental health,” she explains. “It keeps me focused.”

Courtesy of Leyna Bloom

Leyna Bloom: Inside a Day in My Life _567_leyna-bloom-inside-a-day-in-my-life
7:00 p.m.

As night sets in, Bloom heads out for a press event for one of her films. “It’s time to hit the premier for my movie Port Authority!” she says, noting how “crazy” it is she gets to act for a living.

Courtesy of Leyna Bloom

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