Wednesday, October 27

ICYMI, These 50 Nordstrom Fashion Finds Are All $50 or Under

Can we talk about your fall wardrobe for a second? Sure, it’s fun to add a bunch of sweaters, autumnal dresses, and cool shoes to your e-cart – well, until you see the total, that is. Let’s be real, the sticker shock alone can understandably scare you out of buying a single sweater. The good news is revamping your fall wardrobe doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune.

Case in point: Nordstrom. The retailer might be known for its elevated fashion, but if you do some digging, you can actually find some pieces that are both cheap and chic. (We know what you’re thinking: why didn’t someone tell you sooner?!) If you’re still a little skeptical, have a look through 50 (yes, 50!) fall fashion finds – each of which can be yours for $50 or less.

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