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'Summer House' Star Hannah Berner's Husband Des Bishop: 5 Things to Know

Hannah Berner is off the market! The Summer House star married Des Bishop in May 2022 after nearly two years of dating.

The reality TV star started seeing Bishop shortly before she left to film season 5 of the Bravo series in The Hamptons during the summer of 2020. Us Weekly broke the news that June that Summer House was returning for season 5 with a new format as the cast, which also includes Paige DeSorbo, Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Luke Gulbranson and Lindsay Hubbard, would no longer be traveling back and forth between New York City and their Hamptons home.

Bravo executive Josh Brown later teased the season.

“I think it’s actually gonna be our best season yet, ironically, even with these limitations,” he said of season 5 before the new episodes debuted. “Let’s put it this way. I’m not more worried about Bravo than I’m worried about the world, you know? Just because, we don’t know where the world is going. But the one thing I do know is that everyone is really dedicated to making these series and to making them happen. Safety is our number one priority. If we can do things safely, we will do them.”

He added: “Instead of going back and forth to the city, they are living together all through the summer in the Hamptons in their summer rental. I think it really taps into a phenomenon right now of, you know, how do you quarantine with friends? And how do you get along with them as a family?”

While Berner played coy about her new romance, lovingly referring to him as “Caddy Daddy” on social media, Bishop confirmed their romance during an Irish radio interview in September 2020.

“We clicked immediately. It has been quite an intense falling in love experience,” he said during an interview with RTE Radio 1, revealing that they first connected via Instagram. “It’s been a more powerful sort of falling for somebody than I have ever experienced in my life so I would be confident in saying I will certainly make an effort that it is it, because it feels like it is The One.”After posting and subsequently deleting a photo with Bishop earlier this month, Berner shared a video with him in the Big Apple via Instagram.

“Back in New York City,” she said before showing a quick glimpse of Bishop. “New York City is holding it down. Don’t worry about us.”

Berner, who was previously linked to Gulbranson, announced her engagement in February 2021 after one year of dating.

“He didn’t meet me at an easy time,” the “Berning in Hell” podcast host exclusively told Us earlier that February. “I was in the house, so he’s definitely seen a lot of sides to me. It wasn’t the easiest beginning of our relationship, but you’ll get to see that play out on the show. … I know I have a keeper and it’s the first time I’ve ever, like, thought about ever marrying a guy.”

Scroll through for five things to know about Bishop:

'Summer House' Star Hannah Berner's Husband Des Bishop: 5 Things to Know summer-house-star-hannah-berners-husband-des-bishop-5-things-to-know
1. He’s Irish
Bishop seemingly splits his time between New York City and Ireland.  
Courtesy of Des Bishop/Instagram
'Summer House' Star Hannah Berner's Husband Des Bishop: 5 Things to Know _495_summer-house-star-hannah-berners-husband-des-bishop-5-things-to-know
2. He’s a Comedian
Just like Berner, Bishop is a comedian. He has made several appearances on Irish TV programs and had his own show called The Des Bishop Work Experience. He also has a podcast called “The Shift.”
“People who know me know I’m not a dating comedians kind of a guy,” he told the Irish Sun in July. “I’ve had very limited interactions with any women in the comedy game.”
Warren King/Shutterstock
'Summer House' Star Hannah Berner's Husband Des Bishop: 5 Things to Know _233_summer-house-star-hannah-berners-husband-des-bishop-5-things-to-know
3. He’s a Cancer Survivor
Bishop was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was in his 20s. “But quickly I learned that testicular cancer is very treatable, and a lot of the stress faded away. I did have to have surgery immediately and this was done on the following Monday. Although a lot of people think it would be a really big thing, it was never really a huge deal for me to have a testicle removed,” he told The Irish Times in September. “I never think about it now and it has never been an issue for anyone I have been involved with romantically. Following surgery, I also had a course of radiation, just to be safe even though it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes.”
'Summer House' Star Hannah Berner's Husband Des Bishop: 5 Things to Know _119_summer-house-star-hannah-berners-husband-des-bishop-5-things-to-know
4. He’s Older Than Hannah
Bishop is 15 years older than Berner.
“No. 1, it’s great fun, the banter, it just really works but she’s very public. She’s not that young, she’ll be 29 in a couple of weeks,” he said in July.
'Summer House' Star Hannah Berner's Husband Des Bishop: 5 Things to Know _689_summer-house-star-hannah-berners-husband-des-bishop-5-things-to-know
5. He Competed on Ireland’s Version of ‘DWTS’
Bishop competed on RTE’s Dancing With the Stars in 2017.
Jeremy Craine/Shutterstock

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